Profiles Team Analysis™

Profiles Team Analysis™ gathers information about team members in five essential areas, does an analysis of the data and produces an insightful report that increases the team's likelihood of success. This system helps you benefit from more effective teams. Teambuilding is an art that overcomes differences in style, personality, and other potential areas of conflict, but even when a team functions in total harmony, it may not achieve its goals. For example, what if none of the team members has a characteristic necessary for a project's successful completion?

Profiles Team Analysis™ presents information about the team's leader and its members that improve the team's balance, effectiveness and performance. The analysis has these four sections:

Section 1. The Team Balance Table --- A visual summary of how the Team Leader and each Team Member scored on each of the twelve factors. This table allows the Team Leader to easily see the team. s overall representation on each factor.

Section 2. Overall Team Balance --- An exploration of the characteristics not well represented on the team. The Team Leader must be aware of these characteristics to insure all critical activities are completed.

Section 3. Behavioral Factors --- The characteristics of team members who scored moderately high or high on each factor are identified. With this data, the Team Leader will easily utilize the natural characteristics of the team members to accomplish their goals.

Section 4. The Team Leader Action Summary --- This summary of suggested action steps provides a quick review of guidelines for supervising the team.
Use Profiles Team Analysis™ and you'll know team characteristics such as tendencies to:

* take charge, be assertive, and take control of a situation
* be outgoing, to be people-oriented and extroverted
* be patient, tolerant and understanding of others
* be concerned with accuracy, details and exactness
* be competitive, to have a desire to win, to be aggressive
* have a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes
* be easy going and casual, to take things as they come
* like identifying and analyzing problems
* be concerned with timely results and quick to take action
* show emotions and share feelings
* be a part of the team who works well with others
* be concerned with standards and high quality work

Using Profiles Team Analysis™ for teambuilding is a sure method for achieving your goals. Effective teams achieve important objectives such as cutting costs, improving productivity, meeting quality control objectives and solving problems.

This system is an investment in your people that increases their value. Put Profiles Team Analysis™ to work in your organization now. Its use is your assurance that your teams will produce the results you want.

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