Profiles Performance Indicator™

If you have been puzzled by an employee's counterproductive behavior or frustrated by an employee's inability to understand simple instructions, you should know about the Profiles Performance Indicator™. It is a management tool that breaks the inhibitors to effective communication, management and productivity. It reduces conflicts in personality and style that get in the way of problem solving.
The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is easy to use. In just 15 minutes, an employee responds to thirty questions. The responses are entered into a desktop computer and, moments later, you can be reading an informative and revealing Management Report. If you have ever wished employees came with instructions, Profiles Performance Indicator™ Management Reports will be like a wish come true. They are filled with essential information about your people, describing significant job-related behavioral tendencies in these seven key measurable areas:

* Productivity
* Quality of Work
* Initiative
* Teamwork
* Problem Solving
* Response to Stress and Conflict
* Work Motivation

Profiles Performance Indicator™ Management Reports give you a tremendous advantage in developing the potential your employees bring to the job. Reports are filled with specific, individualized management suggestions for working more productively with each person you manage. Morale gets a terrific boost because your communication with employees is personalized. They feel your attention is customized to their needs, their personality and their best interests. The improvement in communication and work motivation leads to significant gains in productivity as more individual, departmental and organizational objectives are reached.

As an added bonus, the Profiles Performance Indicator™ has a second report, an Individual Report, to provide your employees with valuable feedback. It gives them information and ideas for professional growth. The report is also their guide to better communication and cooperation with co-workers. It helps them understand their on-the-job attitudes, emotions and behaviors.

A big employee payoff comes in building relationships, improving work performance and increasing job satisfaction. Results are immediate! The Profiles Profiles Performance Indicator™ is the right management tool for your organization. It's an "Everybody Wins" system that pays big dividends.

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