Profiles Career Coach™

Choosing the right career is one of life's biggest decisions.
Unfortunately, it is usually made with inadequate information.
Whether selecting a first career, looking for a new career, planning career training or making college plans, Profiles Career Coach provides information that leads to good decisions.

Profiles Career Coach does an analysis of an individual's thinking style, occupational interests, and job-related behavioral traits and compiles the data into an accurate picture of the individual. This profile is compared to hundreds of occupational profiles compiled by the Profiles International research staff, using the occupational research database of the US Department of Labor.

The Career Coach Report provides descriptions of the person's characteristics, a list of jobs and careers with which the person appears to have a job match, and suggestions for gathering additional information about jobs and careers. Included is information about how to access the O*NET Occupational Information Network. O*NET is a comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics which has replaced the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. O*NET is the nation's primary source of occupational information.

Career Coach helps take the guesswork out of career selection. It guides in the development of a career in which an individual can find success and job satisfaction. Career Coach is an extremely valuable tool for anyone doing career planning.

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