Profiles Customer Service Survey™

Profiles Customer Service Survey™ Leads To Great Customer Service!

Customers go where they are wanted and stay where they are appreciated. The Profiles Customer Service Survey™ identifies people who have the natural behavioral traits for great customer service. Using the survey when you hire, promote, and train helps you:

* Satisfy customers' service needs so your business prospers
* Build credibility and trust
* Strengthen your relationship with customers
* Exceed customer expectations
* Increase your customers' "life-span"
* Improve order frequency
* Make your customers feel valued
* Get more customer recommendations and referrals
* Build customer loyalty
* Reduce customer problems

You must earn the right to say, "My Customer" every day!
Put the power of the Profiles Customer Service Survey™ to work in your company today.

The Goal

* Build customer loyalty
* Increase order size and frequency
* Eliminate customer problems and dissatisfaction
* Get referrals for new business
* Increase sales and profitsThe Problem
* Employees who are insensitive to customer needs and requests
* Employees who cause customer complaints
* Employees who just don't care
* Employees who overlook opportunities to "go the extra mile"
* Employees who give customers reasons to be receptive to your competitors' proposals

The Solution

There is a management tool that measures:

* An employee's or job applicant's aptitude for customer service
* The natural ability to care about your customers' satisfaction
* Who can do the job with coaching and training
* The desire to solve customer problems
* Initiative to "over-deliver" when called upon for assistance
* Ability to see opportunities for new business and bigger orders"

Win customers for life!"

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