Vertical Quest Solutions

Vertical Quest Solutions & Programs are designed to help you overcome your most pressing organizational and performance challenges. Click on a benefit below for more details on the Vertical Quest program designed to achieve that result.

BENEFITS gained from Vertical Quest Solutions:
  • Sharpen your executive team and high-potential managers
  • Optimize team effectiveness or virtual team communication
  • Define your company's future or refocus its purpose
  • Ensure the success of each strategy or project
  • Develop your new managers and supervisors
  • Retain your top performers and re-energize your staff
  • Plan for and adjust to major organizational changes
  • Hire, train and coach more efficiently and effectively
  • Learn to LEAD your career, not just manage it
  • Run an effective and efficient meeting
  • Communicate persuasively with clients and coworkers
  • Maximize every agreement with successful bargaining
  • Develop effective mentoring relationships and programs
  • Capitalize on your talents beyond IQ
  • Link your values to your work and life


    Sharpen your executive team and high-potential managers. Identify critical leadership skills and understand your role and responsibilities as a leader. Issues addressed include your most effective leadership style, use of power and persuasion, building alliances, and aligning people to your vision. Differentiate leadership from management.
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    Optimize your team's effectiveness or build a high-functioning virtual team. Develop mutual trust among team members, break down silos, reward teamwork, assign responsibility, and create accountability within the team.
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    Define the future or refocus your company's purpose. Vision requires clarity, direction, and intensity. Develop an effective vision to balance imagination with feasibility, desire with guidance, and ambition with realism. Vision becomes the vantage point from which to create your future.
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    Ensure the success of each strategy or project. Strategy development and business planning help set a clear course, integrate resources for differentiation, identify the requisite trade-offs for a success and sustained competitive advantage.
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    Develop your new managers and supervisors. Recognize that managerial success is a constantly moving target. Learn effective supervision strategies, transition into new roles, develop essential skills of prioritization, delegation, and coaching.
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    Retain your top performers and re-energize your employees. Addresses issues of employee job satisfaction, motivation, retention and burnout. Deliver effective feedback and design different rewards and incentives.
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    Prepare for - or adjust to - major cultural, structural, or operational change. Creating real change requires understanding and committing to the change process. Learn the stages of change, how to communicate change and overcome resistance to change.
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    Identify key employee hiring, developmental and training issues. Utilize online assessments and reporting tools (surveys, focus groups, and individual assessment techniques) to pinpoint areas for improved worker satisfaction and skills training.
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    Reach your potential. Learn to lead your career, not just manage it. Personalized Executive Coaching helps individuals take stock of their personal and professional capital - talents and assets. Effectively leverage your Self-Capital to hone your skills, learn new competencies, or change direction. Overcome career transitions and crises through new approaches, new perspectives, and improved personal awareness.
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    Run an effective and efficient meeting. Effective facilitation techniques engage all participants, promote objectivity, solicit input, balance the agenda, and create executable action steps.
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    Connect persuasively with clients and coworkers. Effective communication requires credibility, listening, consistency, clarity, and flexibility. Build rapport, develop essential non-verbal behaviors, present ideas and information clearly and effectively.
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    Maximize every agreement. Negotiation is a skill to be developed and refined. Understand the rules and the stages of negotiation, master the courage to negotiate anything, develop tactics and techniques to reach consensus for mutual gain.
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    Develop effective mentoring relationships and programs. Recognize what mentoring is and how it supports individuals and an organization, build a mentoring program, develop your mentoring skills, benefit from being a mentor or protégé.
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    Capitalize on your talents beyond IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a revolutionary concept for the development of successful leaders, managers and staff. Understand what EQ is, how it impacts your success, and how to cultivate your own Emotional Intelligence.
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    Integrate your values with your career. Individual values drive everyday activities and decisions. Identifying your values helps you develop strengths congruent with those values. Link your values to your work and life.
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