Organizational Focus & Strategic Planning

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage. - Jack Welch

Organizational Focus and Strategic Planning is achieved through programs that help senior leadership and managers identify and facilitate the key stages of planning and activities essential for growth and sustained profitability.

Define the future or refocus your company's purpose. Vision requires clarity, direction, and intensity. Develop an effective vision to balance imagination with feasibility, desire with guidance, and ambition with realism. Vision becomes the vantage point from which to create your future.

Ensure the success of each strategy or project. Strategy development and business planning help set a clear course, integrate resources for differentiation, identify the requisite trade-offs for a successful strategic position and sustained competitive advantage.

Prepare for - or adjust to - major cultural, structural, or operational change. Creating real change requires an understanding of, and commitment to, the change process. Learn the stages of change, recognize conditions for change, communicate change, and overcome resistance to change.

Identify key employee morale and training issues. Utilize customized information-gathering and analysis tools (surveys, focus groups, and individual assessment techniques) to pinpoint areas for improved worker satisfaction and skills training.

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