Individual Professional Development

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison

Individual Performance is elevated through development programs focusing on the capabilities of each person to support development of critical business skills.

Run an effective and efficient meeting. Effective facilitation techniques engage all participants, promote objectivity, solicit input, balance the agenda, and create executable action steps.

Connect persuasively with clients and coworkers. Effective communication requires credibility, listening, consistency, clarity, and flexibility. Build rapport, develop essential non-verbal behaviors, present ideas and information clearly and effectively.

Maximize every agreement. Negotiation is a skill to be developed and refined. Understand the rules and the stages of negotiation, master the courage to negotiate anything, develop tactics and techniques to reach consensus for mutual gain.

Advance and grow through a mentoring relationship. Recognize what mentoring is and how it supports individuals and an organization; create and build a mentoring program, develop your mentoring skills, serve as a mentor or protégé and reap the benefits of both.

Integrate your values with your career. Individual values drive everyday activities and decisions. Identifying your values helps you develop strengths congruent with those values. Link your values to your work and life.

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