Leadership & Team Development

High expectations are the key to everything. - Sam Walton

Leadership and Team Development is enhanced through programs aimed at understanding and executing the critical characteristics of performing as a great leader, manager, or team.

Sharpen your executive team and high-potential managers. Identify critical leadership skills and understand your role and responsibilities as a leader. Issues addressed include your most effective leadership style, use of power and persuasion, building alliances, and aligning people to your vision. Differentiate leadership from management.

Optimize your team's effectiveness or build a high-functioning virtual team. Develop mutual trust among team members, break down silos, reward teamwork, assign responsibility, and create accountability within the team.

Develop your new managers and supervisors. Recognize that managerial success is a constantly moving target. Learn effective supervision strategies, transition into new roles, develop essential skills of prioritization, delegation, and coaching.

Retain your top performers and re-energize your employees. Addresses issues of employee job satisfaction, motivation, retention and burnout. Deliver effective feedback and design different rewards and incentives.

Capitalize on your talents beyond IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a revolutionary concept for the development of successful leaders, managers and staff. Understand what EQ is, how it impacts your success, and how to cultivate your own Emotional Intelligence.

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